• PET bottles , PVC bottle molds
  • PET bottles , PVC bottle molds
  • PET bottles , PVC bottle molds

300 Mould Selections For Your Plastic Bottles - Young Shang Plastic Industry Co. Ltd.

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What you should know about this plastic bottle supplier

Taiwan's one of the biggest plastic bottle and jar provider, Young Shang Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. (Young Shang) has expanded their plant to improve its production capability, mold design ability and flexibility in making various kinds of plastic containers.

Why is Young Shang a leading plastic bottle provider in Taiwan? Young Shang owns two plants in Taiwan; one is the recently-expanded plant (9,000 square meters) for PET plastic bottle fabrication. The other plant is for designing and manufacturing container molds only. Both Taiwan plants have been serving more than 90% of clients in Taiwan, and other countries internationally.

  • plastic bottle blow molds
  • plastic bottle blow molds
  • plastic bottle injection molds and preform making molds
Your one stop source for all your PET needs

With a team of elite mould designers and engineers, Young Shang owns more than 300 plastic container blow molds for your choice, and the number continues to grow. Young Shang's clients have the privilege to be flexible on their bottle or jar design in order to meet the market need, and their huge inventory space provides customers with a responsive delivery schedule.

Furthermore, the implemented One Stage Blow Moulding Machines with four various sizes of cavities support procurers who require small quantities and various sizes of bottles and jars. Young Shang provides a complete range of services from design, blow mould fabrication, bottle manufacturing, examination, packing, shipping and delivering with every bottle or jar they make.

Their wide range of plastic containers include PET bottles, PET food jars, HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, PVC plastic bottles, PP plastic bottles, PS plastic bottles and LDPE plastic bottles.

If you wish to order caps (closures) only, that would be acceptable too. Bottles and jars can be manufactured into dynamic shapes such as boston round, cosmo round, oval, cylinder, jugs, square, wide mouth, pharmaceutical round shapes with multiple colors. In addition, with more than 40 years of experience, Young Shang's customization service is impressive. Its built seasoned experience has allowed them to achieve clients' requirements with effective solutions in terms of customizations for plastic bottle's materials, shapes, mold design or special features from them.

In the end, Young Shang combines expert customer service with prompt response to create and maintain long-term relationships with their clients.

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total solution for all your plastic needs Total solution for all your plastic needs - molds, machines, preforms, closures, and related accessories

Currently, Young Shang is working on developing cleanrooms that focus on fabricating plastic bottles and containers, which have controlled levels of contamination. It will be suitable for clients who require low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.

Young Shang's 40 years of plastic container experience has helped them to build a solid supply chain and reputation. Therefore, their clients' return rate is 100%, which proves their capability of designing and fabrication quality plastic bottles and jars.

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